Halsey’s Single “Bad At Love” Is More Than Just Another Hit Song

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Lorde Invites Cashier To The Governors Ball

This tops any tip I’ve ever gotten.
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Harry Styles Is Going On Tour

My wallet’s not ready, but I am.
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Solo Harry Will Rise

He’s breaking out the sparkly boots again.
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2017: The Return of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has finally returned to social media with a vague yet promising tweet featuring the color blue.

After a year long hiatus from social media and over 2 years since his last album, Sheeran tweeted an image of the color blue and updated his social media accounts to have the same shade on December 13th. Suspicions of Sheeran’s return and the possibility of new music flooded the internet for the next two weeks as fans eagerly awaited to see what else would be revealed and what this color could mean.

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