McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back Because Fans Basically Exploded

They got lost in the (Szechuan) sauce.

If there’s one thing companies should’ve learned by now is that you don’t mess with fandoms. They can try do something different for fans of a series or celebrity, but you won’t get to please everyone. At least, that’s what McDonalds learned from Rick and Morty fans over the weekend.

The show that seems to have popped up everywhere had enough power to get McDonalds to bring back “Szechuan sauce” which was originally released 20 years ago. As the scene goes, Rick loves the sauce that was released in 1997 as promo for Disney’s Mulan release. Well, McDonalds brought it back for one day only at participating locations and fans went insane.

Literally, insane when they found out their location didn’t have this coveted sauce anymore.

It’s safe to say McDonald’s wasn’t exactly prepared for the reaction or with enough sauce.

Of course, Twitter felt the McDonald’s employees pain.

Despite the terrible treatment towards employees in fans quest for the sauce, McDonald’s decided the best thing they could do is bring back this Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce. AGAIN.

Hope the release goes smoother the second time around.


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