4 Things Pepsi Could’ve Done Instead of That Weird Kendall Jenner Ad

Someone give Trump a Pepsi.

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, Kendall Jenner made history as being the first model since Cindy Crawford to have a global Pepsi campaign. This news, however, is extremely minor when compared to the backlash the ad received after being shared yesterday.

Here is the controversial ad (which has a very disproportionate amount of likes and dislikes):

If you don’t feel like watching it, it’s okay, here’s a quick summary: Kendall is on set during a photoshoot when a cute boy draws her attention from a march that is presumably for peace and love. Kendall then proceeds to rip off her wig, grab a Pepsi, and walk through the crowd as she shares smiles and exchanges like a dap with her fellow protestors. She then goes to hand the Pepsi to a police officer standing by.

In addition to being angry and annoyed by the ad’s suggestion of a pretty, thin, and rich white woman being the face of resistance and stopping any social injustice with a can of Pepsi, Twitter also had its fair share of jokes.

So, I figured maybe Pepsi needed a little help with their advertising department seeing as that was apparently the best thing they came up with. Here are my top four suggestions on how that ad could’ve been handled:

    1. The ad could’ve been scrapped in the discussion room and not filmed, produced, and posted at all.

    2. Kendall could have just shared the coke with a fellow protestor and marched alongside the crowd.

    3. Don’t include Kendall Jenner at all considering she is a white woman who was never spotted at a march or rally. A more understandable choice would be either or both of the Hadid sisters. Bella Hadid recently announced herself as Muslim and proud of her background and faith. In addition to that, both Bella and her sister Gigi were seen at the ‘No Ban No Wall’ march in New York City while carrying a sign of their own. (*Note: this vision still doesn’t include a Pepsi being handed to a police officer.)


    4. Have anyone, literally anyone, that could connect with social issues currently being faced featured in the ad and, please, don’t try to act like a Pepsi will create peace during a time where peoples’ religion, personal choices, and acknowledgment of their existence is threatened. Even in advertisement there’s a line between exaggeration and actually making a joke of real issues we face today.

At least it was Pepsi and not Coca-Cola.


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