Solo Harry Will Rise

He’s breaking out the sparkly boots again.

Harry Styles will finally be releasing his debut single on April 7th.

After 3 mysterious blank posts on Instagram (which seems to be a vague sign that Harry is ready to cause more tears), an equally mysterious advert was seen on television and shared by gasping fans with heart rates equivalent to a student doing the pacer test in gym class. The video features a shadow of Styles opening a door and occasional close ups of his arm tattoos as well as his eyes. Check out the video below.


I can already see twitter users changing their names and adding “April 7th” to their social media bios.

Styles signed a solo recording contract with Columbia back in June while also filming his debut feature film, Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan and set to premiere on July 21, 2017.

While fans have to wait a little longer to finally hear Solo Harry™, I’m sure there will be more teasers and blank Instagram posts to come. And if you need any comforting words, Ed Sheeran has said that he’s enjoyed Harry’s new music.


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