‘The Bachelorette’ Gets a Head Start On the Season

Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he said it was going to be a historic episode.

Following the season finale of The Bachelor, the After the Final Rose special only featured the seasons runner up, Raven, Nick and his new fianceé, Vanessa, for about a half hour. Producers then switched gears to distract from the awkward and happy (?) newly engaged couple to the next season of The Bachelorette and fan favorite Rachel Lindsay.

Show host Chris Harrison brought out Lindsay, for a chat after talking to the slightly uncomfortable Nick and Vanessa about engagement, being realistic, and “baby steps.” Soon after talking to Lindsay, Harrison mentioned that she would be meeting some of her suitors live that night in front of a studio audience.

At first Lindsay seemed to think it was a joke, but as crew members started pulling out a giant stand featuring a photo of the iconic mansion background where cast members stay and have their rose ceremonies, it was very clear that it was all about to happen. One commercial break later and the stage was set up full of tree arrangements and appropriate lighting as Lindsay prepared herself to meet four men (two being black and two being white) that could potentially be her future husband.

The nerves, awkwardness, and cute (or just even more awkward) attempts at making a first impression all occurred in front of our very eyes.

Demario, a handsome and charming man came out first with plane tickets to Vegas and a ring, ready to elope with the beautiful lawyer from Texas.


Blake soon followed and attempted to kiss the bachelorettes hand, but it was a bit awkward and clumsy as Lindsay tried to go in for a hug. However, I’ll chalk it up to nerves considering he even forgot to introduce himself until Lindsay asked for his name. The two hugged it out a few times before he finally scrambled off the stage.


Dean was the third to introduce himself. He suavely walked his way up to the stage with perfect hair as the audience erupted into even more loud cheers and Lindsay laughed at the reaction. Everything seemed okay until Dean stated, “I’m ready to go black and I’m never going to go back,”to which the audience and Lindsay responded with more laughter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.49.56 PM

And finally, Eric came out and saved the segment. Sincere Eric introduced himself to be from Baltimore and continued by saying he is looking forward to getting to know the bachelorette because “you’re friends before anything.” There seemed to be a natural chemistry between the two as he and Lindsay began dancing and laughing.

The Bachelorette will start filming Thursday.


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