The First Black “Bachelorette” Is Finally Here

Rachel Lindsay will be officially announced as the first black lead of the series tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Bachelor franchise creator Mike Fleiss has been alluding a “history-making announcement” regarding the series for the past week, but not necessarily about The Bachelor.

And finally, after 21 seasons of the Bachelor and 12 seasons of the Bachelorette, the series will feature a black woman as the bachelorette. The only other ethnic lead up until this point was latino Juan Pablo during the 18th season of the Bachelor.

Lindsay, a lawyer from Dallas who appeared during Nick Viall’s current season, stood out during the first episode when she received the coveted first impression rose. A one-on-one date in New Orleans made her a fan favorite as natural chemistry brewed between her and Viall. Lindsay eventually made her way into the top six before Viall said goodbye.

The Bachelor has faced criticism for it’s lack of diversity, including jabs from the scripted Lifetime series UnREAL based on the reality show. When asked about the possibility of a bachelorette of color, Fleiss responded, “We always want to cast for ethnic diversity” and cited that they “just don’t come forward.”

The next season of The Bachelorette is sure to be exciting and refreshing to see. Best of luck to Lindsay on her upcoming journey to find love.


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