Ed Sheeran Gifts Us 2 Songs Because He’s Aware We’ve Been Waiting

The two year hiatus is over. After so many hints and mysterious tweets, Ed Sheeran has finally returned with his new music as promised.

Sheeran also acknowledged the wait he put fans through by releasing not one, but two singles from upcoming album, Divide.

“Shape of You”

Upbeat and synthesized, “Shape of You” has Sheeran’s poetic words performed against a xylophone beat reminiscent of a pop diva’s track. At first listen, this seems like Sheeran but evolved with a slight twist. Sheeran shared that this song was originally written with Rihanna in mind before deciding to work on it himself.

“Castle on a Hill”

With its fast paced melody and story telling of his childhood building up into a chorus to scream, “Castle on a Hill” is a more familiar track. The song can only be described as reminding you of home, according to Niall Horan.

Though Sheeran has not announced much more info regarding the album, he closed his email newsletter by stating “this is the best one [he’s] written so far.”

Check out the lyric video for “Shape of You” and “Castle on a Hill”:


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